Opening Keynote Address,
BG Antonio Tangorra

Mr Massimo Di Lazzaro

Quek Tong Boon, Thomas Vergis,

Chang Yang Fa, B G Antonio Tangorra

Mr Jonathan Kua

Francesco Passaretta, Chinniah Manohara
Wesley D' Aranjo, Kwoh Leong Keong
Low Kah Meng

Mr Alan Cooper

Another view of International Delegates

Panel Discussion

Networking Lunch Session

Richard Bowles, Park Jeong Woo, Mathew Abraham

Jackson Chia, Thomas Vergis

BG Antonio Tangorra, Pietro Bruno, Francesco Passareta, Vagliani Attilio

Networking Session at Mint Museum

SATTECH Youth Event

Prof & Mrs Hans Martin Braun


Satellite Technology Asia
Summary of Conference

Date: 18th - 20th Feb 2009
Venue: Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Satellite Technology Asia (SATTECH) 2009, International Conference was successfully held in Raffles Hotel, Singapore from 18th February 2009 to 19th February 2009. SATTECH 2009 officially ended on 20 February 2009 with a special half day event for the Youth of Singapore held at Singapore Science Centre on the 20 February 2009 in collaboration with Singapore Space Technology Association (SSTA).

The event brought together about 200 delegates including regional and international decision makers, operation managers, end users, technologists and procurement specialists in the industry.

SATTECH 2009 was organized by Defence Technology Conferences (DTC). It was endorsed by the Economic Development Board of Singapore and supported by the National University of Singapore's Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing & Processing (CRISP), Nanyang Technological University of Singapore's Centre for Research in Satellite Technologies (CREST), Singapore Space & Technology Association (SSTA), Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC) and Futron, Inc.

The Guest-of-Honour for SATTECH 2009 was Chief Defence Scientist, Ministry of Defence, Singapore, Mr Quek Tong Boon. The event started after a short coffee session with keynote addresses by Brig Gen Antonio Tangorra, Chief of the 2nd Department, TELEDIFE, Ministry of Defence, Italy and Mr Massimo Di Lazzaro, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Thales Alenia Space. The keynote speeches dealt with Dual Use of Satellites and New Perspectives and Evolution of Space based Observation Systems. Singapore's very own CRISP rounded up the morning session with a presentation on Earth Observation.

The first day of SATTECH 2009 did in-depth analysis of Satellite Launch and Deployment Technologies, Satellite Applications and Earth Observation Constellations. In the Satellite Launch and Deployment Technologies, the key contributors were Arianespace from Europe, Yuzhnoye from Ukraine, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation from Japan and SAFT from France. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation hosted a lunch for all the participants of the first day of SATTECH 2009. The post lunch session, Satellite Applications, saw key papers from Singapore Land Authority, Geoeye from US, RST from Germany and Digital Globe from US. After a brief coffee break the conference resumed with Earth Observation Satellite Constellations track with strategic papers by leading constellation builders like Thales Alenia Space from Italy, RST from Germany, Spot Image from France and OHB-System from Germany.

The first day ended and the delegates spent time at the networking event where they had time to interact with friends in the Industry and with the organization representatives from the strategic organizations participating in the event.

Day 2 of SATTECH 2009 started immediately after breakfast with keynote addresses by Mr Jonathan Kua, Director (New Business), Economic Development Board of Singapore who touched on the Singapore Initiatives in Satellite Industry. This was followed by Dr Doan Minh Chung, Deputy Director, Space Technology Institute (STI), Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), from Vietnam who gave a Keynote address outlining the great strides being undertaken in the field of Satellites and its technology usage in Vietnam followed by the third and final keynote address for SATTECH 2009 by Mr Alan Cooper, Director General's Policy Office, European Space Agency, presented a paper entitled "Implementing the European Space Policy: Recent Programmatic Decision in Europe". The morning session was rounded off by Mr Richard Bowles from Arianespace who gave a very insightful presentation on "Automated Transfer Vehicle Programme".

Following a brief coffee break, the Satellite Communication Track started with papers by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan, iDirect Asia Pte Ltd of Singapore and OHB-System from Germany.

Lunch for delegates of the 2nd day was hosted by Arianespace. Following the lunch during which the delegates got to interact and mingle, the conference had a very insightful financial paper by Futron Corporation which dealt with A Comparative Review of Commercial Space Capability with in-depth analysis of Korea, India, China and Japan. This was followed by a Panel discussion moderated by Ms Catherine de Peuter of Futron Corporation and the panellists were from SSTA, Arianespace, APSCC and Italian Ministry of Defence.

The final session for SATTECH 2009 - Role of Satellites for National Defence and Security jointly organized by DTC Conferences and APSCC started after a brief coffee session. This very relevant track in today's world and in an Asian context saw papers from NanoTronix of Korea, Digital Globe from US, Geoeye from US, Ministry of Defence - Italy and EADS of Europe. The conference concluded with a reception and networking session for the delegates and sponsors by DTC conferences held at The Mint, a popular Toy Museum opposite the Raffles Hotel in Singapore.

SATTECH 2009 had its inaugural youth event on 20th February 2009 at the Singapore Science Centre for the Youth of Singapore. This was done in collaboration with SSTA Singapore who brought together about 20 of Singapore's brightest young talents who have a special interest in Satellites and space. After a very delightful and interest rousing presentation by Mr Jonathan Hung, President of SSTA, international speakers from Thales Alenia Space, RST and Arianespace gave these future Satellite and Space Technologists an insight of the Satellite industry from the perspective of remote sensing , Satellite Industry and Satellite Launch Industry. There was an interesting session of question and answers and the event ended at noon on 20th February 2009.

With the resounding success of SATTECH 2009, and the overwhelming interest and support from delegates, sponsors and organizing partners, DTC is motivated and confident to deliver a better SATTECH 2010 with greater regional and International participation, thus setting the stage to establish SATTECH as Asia's Satellite Technology Meeting Venue.

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Guest of Honour Mr Quek Tong Boon,
BG Antonio Tangorra

Delegates at the Satelitte Technology Asia 2009 International Conference

Mr Kwoh Leong Keong

Pietro Bruno, Thomas Vergis,
BG Antonio Tangorra

Pietro Bruno, Richard Bowles, BG Antonio Tangorra, Jackson Chia, Alan Cooper, Thomas Vergis, Francesco Passareta

Quek Tong Boon, Doan Minh Chung, Thomas Vergis, BG Antonio Tangorra

Dr Doan Minh Chung

Quek Tong Boon, Massimo Di Lazzaro, Thomas Vergis

Another view of International Delegates

Pietro Bruno, Diana Kolova,
Samuel Mathews

Networking Session at Mint Museum

Networking Session at Mint Museum

Networking Session at Mint Museum

Richard Bowles, Jonathan Hung, Mathew Abraham, Samuel Mathews, Francesco Passareta, Prof & Mrs Hans Martin Braun

Jonathan Hung

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