Guest of Honour, Prof Lui Pao Chuen
Chief Defence Scientist,
Ministry of Defence,

Quek Tong Boon, Thomas Vergis,

Prof Lui Pao Chuen, Matt O' Connell

Arie Halsband,
General Manager,
IAI/MBT Space Division,

Dr-Hans Martin Braun,

Panel Session
Chaired by Prof Lui Pao Chuen

Richard Bowles
Ariane Space

Dr-Ing Dieter Birreck
Director, Programmes
OHB Systems

Quek Tong Boon, Thomas Vergis,

Prof Lui Pao Chuen, Matt O' Connel, Cinnaiah Manohara

Salvatore Farruggia

Another view of International Delegates

Another view of International Delegates

Panel Members:
DR Eui K. Koh, President, ProtoStar Asia, Singapore

Poh Kwee Lin, Director
Business Development, SingTel Satellite

Panel Discussion:
Question From Floor

Sung Dong Park, Prof Lui Pao Chuen,
Goh Cher Hiang

Networking Lunch Session

Teo Guan Hock, Director, Solartech Holdings Pte Ltd.
Hor Gar Yin, Head Defence Technology Office (US)

Edmond Y.Jew, Foo Kim Peng,
Poh Kwee Lin

Prof Lui Pao Chuen, Quek Tong Boon, Paolo Colombi, Thomas Vergis,
Matt O' Connel,



Satellite Technology Asia
Summary of Conference

Date: 21st Feb 2008
Venue: Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Satellite Technology Asia (SATTECH) International Conference was held for its first time in Raffles Hotel, Singapore, on the 21st February 2008.

The event brought together - from all over the world - decision makers, operation managers, end users, technologists and procurement specialists in the industry.

The Guest-of-Honour, Chief Defence Scientist, Ministry of Defence, Singapore, Professor Lui Pao Chuen, started the conference proper with his keynote address after a networking breakfast at the hotel.

In his address, Prof Lui covered issues such as the viability of involving Universities' students in the industry, the importance of leadership and academic entrepreneurship in order to succeed, how organisations such as ISRO has shown that reliable launch vehicles can be made at low costs and also the high possibility of small countries like Singapore benefiting from investments in the Satellite industries.

A panel session was also held mid-way to take questions from the floor. The panel was chaired by Prof Lui Pao Chuen, and its members consisted of:

Matt O' Connell - President and CEO, GeoEye
Poh Kwee Lin - Director, Business Development, SingTel Satellite
Arie Halsband - GM, MBT Space Division
Dave Bettinger- Chief Technology Officer, iDirect, USA
Eui K. Koh - President, ProtoStar Asia, Singapore

The other speakers at the conference included key management people from organisations such as Digital Globe, EADS, IAI, iDirect, GeoEye, OHB, RST, SingTel, Telespazio and Thales Alenia Space. A good range of topics from imaging, sensing to processing were well covered.

The sumptuous lunch and coffee breaks in between also allowed the delegates at the conference to mingle and network. Feedback is that the breaks were strategic and timely. The breaks had been useful not only for networking, but also for the clarifications of doubts and further discussions with earlier speakers.

An informal beer and networking session commenced after Dr Eui K. Koh gave his closing summary.

SATTECH 2008 is supported by Singapore Airshow 2008, NTU Centre for Research in Satellite Technologies (CREST) and NUS Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing (CRISP).

With the success of SATTECH 2008, and the overwhelming interest and support from its participants in the next Satellite Technology Asia Conference, Defence Directory Conferences is motivated and confident to deliver a better SATTECH 2009.

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Arie Halsband, Matt O' Connell,
Chang Yang Fa, Prof Lui Pao Chuen,
Thomas Vergis, Dr Eui K Koh.
Poh Kwee Lin, Dave Bettinger

Delegates at the Sattelite Technology Asia 2008 International Conference

Matt O’Connell,
President and CEO,

Dave Bettinger,
Chief Technology Officer,

Arie Halsband, Matt O' Connell, Prof Lui Pao Chuen, Dr Eui K Koh. Poh Kwee Lin, Dave Bettinger

Ian Encke
Head, Microwave Product Business Development
EADS Astrium

Lee Foh Cheong
Chief Engineer
Sing Tel Satellite

Another view of International Delegates

David Hall
Head of Future EO Sensors, ENS Directorate
EADS Astrium

DR Eui K. Koh,
ProtoStar Asia, Singapore,

giving the closing summary

Another view of International Delegates

Another view of International Delegates

Panel Discussion:
Question From COL Lim Soon Chia
Dy Chief Research & Technology Officer
Defence Research & Technology Office

Ministry of Defence

Jacqueline Tan, Singapoe Economy Development Board,
Poh Kwee Lin, Director, Business Development, SingTel SatelliteDirector
Li JiaWen,
Senoir Officer,Telecomms&Networks,

Singapoe Economy Development Board,

Networking Lunch Session

Dr Goh Cher Hiang, Sung Dong Park

Dr Eui K Koh, Richard Bowles,
Mathew Abraham

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