Historical VIP Delegations


DTA 2017

DTA 2013RADM Odd Werin, Director Naval Systems – Defence Material Administration, FMV Sweden. Ms Luisa Riccardi ,the Director of the 5th Department “Technological Innovation” Secretariat General of Defence and National Armaments Directorate , Italian Ministry of Defence. Col Victor Huang – Head Concept Generation Group , Future Systems and Technology Directorate – Singapore

DTA 2016

DTA 2013Ms Domitilla Benigni, RADM Matteo Bisceglia, Director for Naval Armaments, Italian Ministry of Defence, RADM Jackson Chia, Chief of Staff – Naval Staff, Republic of Singapore Navy, Mr Tan Peng Yam, Chief Executive, Defence Science & Technology Agency, RADM Jonas Haggren, Head of Policy and Plans Department, Swedish Armed Forces

DTA 2015

DTA 2013VADM Valter Girardelli, Deputy Secretary General of Defense/Deputy National Armaments Director
BG Pasquale Montegiglio,
Deputy Director 3rd Department–Industrial Policy and International Cooperation
Capt (N) Anders Järn,
Military Adviser FXM
Capt (N) Giovanni Sorrentino,
Special Vice Secretariat, Italian SGD/DNA

DTA 2014

DTA 2014RADM GIUSEPPE ABBAMONTE. Directorate of Naval Armaments, ITALIAN NAVY.
COL LIM SIONG TIONG. Future Systems and technology Directorate (FSTD). MINISTRY OF DEFENCE (MINDEF)
Mr John Nilsson, Senior Marketing Executive. THYSSENKRUPP MARINE SYSTEMS AB

DTA 2013

DTA 2013RADM Stefano Dotti, Head of Studies & Project Department, Italian Navy General Staff.
CAPT (N) Fredrik Norrby, Head of Submarine Flottila of the Swedish Navy.
RADM Jonas Haggren, Head of Navy Training and Procurement Directorate of the Swedish Navy

DTA 2012

DTA 2012RADM Jonas Haggren – Head of Naval Department , Swedish Armed Forces headquarters.
Dr John R Potter – Principal Scientist NATO Undersea research Center.
CAPT Matthew Garside – Chief of Staff, ComLogWestPac, US Navy.

DTA 2011

DTA 2011Admiral Viktor Maksymov, Commander-in-Chief of Naval Forces, Ukrainian Navy, Ukraine
VADM Marsetio M.M, Deputy Chief of Naval Staff, Indonesian Navy, Indonesia
RADM Onofrio Flagiello, Chief of Research & Technology Dept, Italian Ministry of Defence
VADM (Ret) Xavier Rolin, Ex-Commander Atlantic Maritime Region, French Navy.

DTA 2010

DTA 2010 RADM Chew Men Leong, Chief of Navy, Republic of Singapore
RADM Eng Onofrio Flagiello, National Armaments Directorate, Chief of R&T Department, Italian Navy,
Dr Francois-Regis Martin-Lauzer, Director of NURC,
CAPT Jonas Haggren, Commanding Officer 1st Submarine Flotilla, Swedish Armed Forces.
RADM Marsetio - Commander Western Fleet. Indonesia
First Admiral Iwan Kustiawan, Indonesia
Admiral Nibhon Chagsudulya - Deputy Commander in Chief. Royal Thai Navy.
Senior Captain Nguyen Duc Nho, Deputy Chief of Naval Staff.Vietnam.

DTA 2009

DTA 2009 Dr Tan Kim Siew, Permanent Secretary (Defence Development), Ministry of Defence, Singapore.
RADM Chew Men Leong, Chief of Navy, Republic of Singapore
VADM Raman Prem Suthan, Vice Chief of Navy, Indian Navy
RADM Onofrio Flagiello, Chief R&T and National Research Planning, MOD, Italy.

DTA 2008

DTA 2008 RADM Chew Men Leong, Chief of Navy, Republic of Singapore Navy.
VADM Dino Nascetti, Director General, Italian Naval Armament Authority (NAVARM), Italian Navy
Dr Sukru Besiktepe, Modeling and Prediction Group Director, NATO
CAPT Jonas Haggren, Commander 1st Flotilla, Royal Swedish Navy, Sweden.

DTA 2007

DTA 2007 Mr Richard Lim, Chief Executive, DSTA Singapore.
VADM Dino Nascetti, Director General,NAVARM, Italian Navy
RADM Lars Salomonsson, Director of Naval Systems, FMV, Sweden
Dr Francois Regis Martin-Lauzer, Director, NATO Undersea Research Centre, NATO
Dr Frank Herr, Head Ocean Battlespace Sensing Department, ONR, US Navy.

DTA 2006

DTA 2006 RADM Ronnie Tay, Chief of Navy Republic of Singapore Navy.
RADMl Goran Larsbrink, Special Advisor, International Cooperation, Ministry of Defence, Sweden;
RADM William Landay, Chief of Naval Research, Office of Naval Research, United States Navy;
General Jean-Pierre Buleon, Director Asia, Directorate for International Relations DGA, France.

DTA 2005

DTA 2005 Mr Richard Lim, Chief Executive DSTA,Singapore.
General Patrick Auroy Director, Force Systems and Perspectives, DGA, France
RADM W G Timme Deputy Commander, Undersea Warfare,US NAVY.
RADM Sim Gim Guan, Chief of Staff, Republic of Singapore Navy.
ADM Dato' Ilyas bin Hj Din, Deputy Chief of Navy, Royal Malaysian Navy.
Lt Gen Dato' Hj Shahron bin Hj Ibrahim, Commander Air Operation, Royal Malaysian Air Force.
BG Jimmy Tan, Commander, Air Defence Systems Division, Republic of Singapore Air Force.
COL Chew Men Leong, Fleet Commander, Republic of Singapore Navy.
RADM Lars Salomonsson, Director, Naval Systems, Swedish Defence Material Administration.
Sheila M. McNeill, National President of the Navy League, USA.

DTA 2004

DTA 2004 RADM (NS) Richard Lim, Chief Executive Officer DSTA
General Michel Petre, Director, Force Systems and Perspectives, DGA, France.
Mr. K. Kesavapany, Director, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore.
RADM Göran Larsbrink, Director Joint Procurement Command Defence Material Administration ,FMV.
Prof John Roulston, OBE, Group Technical Director, BAE Systems Avionics Board Member, Edinburgh, UK

DTA 2003 (SASW)

DTA 2003 (SASW)RADM Ronnie Tay, Chief of Staff - Naval Staff (COS-NS),
Republic of Singapore
RADM Phil Davis, (Deputy Commander for Undersea Warfare and Program Executive Officer for Submarines, Naval Underwater Warfare Centre, USA).
RADM Göran Larsbrink, (Director Joint Procurement Command Defence Material Adminstration (FMV), Sweden)
IGA Gerald Böisrayon (President, Etude Générale au Conseil Général d'Armement ARMEES, France).