DTA 2015

Keynote Address
Capt (N) Giovanni Sorrentino
Keynote Address
SLTC Lee Tin Hua
Keynote Address
Capt (N) Anders Järn
Mr Axel Panoch - ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems
Dr Roger Berg - SAAB
Dr Alberto Chiericoni - Finmeccanica WASS
Mr Michel Lilette - THALES
Mr Markus Schuppert - ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems
Mr Andrea Usai - Elettronica
Mr Adriaan Smits - THALES
Mr Antonio Di Vito - Elettronica
Mr Neale 'Stan' Hargreaves - Finmeccanica Selex-ES
Mr William B P von Kader - Airbus Defence & Space
Mr Francesco Passaretta - THALES
Mr Eric Andreu - Airbus Defence & Space
Mr Luca Pietranera - Finmeccanica e-GEOS
Dr Jens Federhen - Airbus Defence & Space
Mr Enrico Fazio, Elettronica
Mr Andrea Pizzarulli - Civitanavi Systems
Mr Bruno Belle - THALES
Mr John Nilsson - SAAB
Mr Paolo Moretti - RINA Services
Mr Peter Kneipp - Lürssen
Mr Michael Mechanicos - DNV.GL
Dr Marc Pinto - ECA Group
Mr Per Johansson - SAAB
Mr Denis Guyot - MBDA
Mr Mikael Kullving - SAAB
Mr Daniele Guidicci - Finmeccanica Selex-ES

Mr Lars E. Knoch-Asmussen - SAAB

Mr Chan Hin Lim, SLTC Lee Tin Hua

COL (NS) Chen Yeang Tat, Mr Ng Seng Chan,
Mr Beh Bak Hai

DTC Defence Events 2015
Event Summary

Defence Technology Asia (DTA) 2015 was the 13th Edition of the highly successful Naval Domain Event. In DTA 2015, DTC Conferences not only brought into focus the key traditional elements of the Naval Domain in Asia – Submarine And Anti Submarine Warfare, Unmanned Systems and Naval Surface Ships but also explored Naval Communications & Sensors, Design, Weapon Systems, the Air Domain as well as Satellite Technologies.

DTA 2015, designed under the theme Technology - The Force Differentiator, aims to bring leading international and local defence organisations and their domain experts in face to face interactions with local and regional navies and their decision makers.

DTA 2015 featured a technology showcase with Civitanavi Systems, ECA, Elettronica (ELT), Finmeccanica, MTU, SAAB and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS).

DTA 2015 successfully hosted a senior delegation from the Italian Navy led by VADM Valter Girardelli, Deputy Secretary General of Defense/Deputy National Armaments Director, BG Pasquale Montegiglio, Deputy Director 3rd Department – Industrial Policy and International Cooperation and other key delegates from the Italian Navy. DTA 2015 also had a strong delegation led by Capt (N) Anders Järn, Military Adviser FXM who also gave a Keynote Address. DTA 2015 opening was attended by Directors and key personnel from DSO, DSTA and Presidents and senior personnel from Singapore Technologies.

Capt (N) Giovanni Sorrentino, Special Vice Secretariat, Italian SGD/DNA delivered DTA 2015’s first Keynote address, Naval Ships Combat System: Looking at The Future at 9.20am at the Raffles Hotel Ballroom.

Capt (N) Sorrentino outlined in his keynote how the evolution of naval threats has been a key influence in the development of the combat systems on Naval Ships. He discusses how the maritime scenario has shifted in parallel to that of the land one in terms of combat doctrine over different eras, enabling the use of lesser numbers with higher technological power in modern times. He states how evolution has moved from a sensor centric to the actual platform centric toward a force centric scenario in naval warfare, and also suggests future technologies in order to meet strategic needs.

SLTC Lee Tin Hua, Future Systems and Technology Directorate (FSTD), Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) Singapore delivered the 2nd Keynote address - Towards a Leaner and Effective SAF.

SLTC Lee in his paper discussed SAF’s approach to the future with a focus to Robotics & Autonomous system. He discussed the future challenges for the SAF’s mission. i.e her declining birth rate, how robotics and autonomous systems could help with the projected manpower crisis, status of developing FSTD technologies and R & D among other interesting topics.

The 3rd Keynote was delivered by Capt (N) Anders Järn, Military Adviser from the Swedish Navy's FXM, titled Submarine Operations - A Swedish Perspective.

After Capt (N) Järn's insightful presentation, all guests enjoyed a networking and coffee break session at the Ballroom.

Immediately after the break, the first track to start off the conference was that of Submarine & Anti-submarine warfare technologies. Papers were presented by Finmeccanica, SAAB, THALES and TKMS.

This was followed by a SAAB-hosted lunch outside the Raffles Hotel Ballroom from 12.50pm to 1.50pm.

The afternoon session started with the Track - Air Domain Session, Chaired by Mr Eddie Tan Fung Pong, Managing Director at Innologic Pte Ltd. Papers were presented by Elettronica (ELT), Finmeccanica and THALES.

The post-afternoon tea break session was next.

Satellite Technologies was the theme of the next session track that began at 4.20pm. It was chaired by Mr Johan Pelissier, Head of Airbus Defence & Space Singapore. A total of five papers were presented by Airbus DS, Finmeccanica and THALES.

A very successful first day concluded with a networking session which was followed by a VIP cocktail at the Raffles Hotel Ballroom.

The VIP Cocktail for DTA 2015 was held at the Raffles Hotel Ballroom attended by 102 international and local VIP. This cocktail session was graced by RADM Jackson Chia, Chief of Naval Staff of Republic of Singapore Navy and RADM Harris Chan, Future Systems & Technology Architect of FSTD and. The DTA 2015 VIP Cocktail included Directors and key Personnel from DSTA, DSO and Presidents and senior management from several Singapore Technology companies. The attendees enjoyed this wonderful atmosphere right in the heart of Singapore’s Business District and took the opportunity to enjoy the networking opportunity that the VIP Cocktail provided.

The second day of DTA 2015 began with registration at 8.50am.

The first Featured Paper at 9am in Casuarina Suite B of Raffles Hotel was presented by Mr Enrico Fazio, Head of Customer Support Engineering at Elettronica (ELT) on Electronic Warfare Academy A New Way to Perform Training. Second featured paper of the day is delivered by Mr Andrea Pizzaruli, CEO of Civitanavi Systems on Sensor Fusion & Transfer Alignment Concept for Pointing Stabilisation.

The third featured paper for the morning was by Mr Bruno Belle, Maritime Patrol Bid Manager at THALES titled THALES Priming Role Success for MPA Project.

The delegates then took a coffee break and visited the technology showcase at the Raffles Ballroom from 10.30am to 11am.

After the coffee break, DTA 2015 day 2 first track began in Casuarina Suite B at 11am for the topic, Naval Surface Ships – Design / Unmanned chaired by Mr Ola Gullberg, Five papers were presented in this track by domain experts from DNV.GL, ECA Group, Lürssen, RINA Services and SAAB.

The lunch for the second day of DTA 2015 was at the Raffles Hotel Ballroom from 1pm to 2.20pm, along with the technology showcase.

After lunch from 2.20pm to 3.40pm, delegates sat in Casuarina Suite B for the next track on Naval Surface Ships – Weapons & Sensors chaired by Mr Lim Soon Tein. Papers in this track were presented in the order of Elettronica (ELT), MBDA, SAAB and THALES.

The coffee break from 3.40pm to 4.10pm presented further networking opportunities after which the final track of the conference began. Naval Surface Ships – Comms & Systems in Casuarina Suite B was chaired by Dr Claudio Ceccarini. Five Papers in this track were presented by a diverse group of companies including Civitanavi Systems, Finmeccanica, GELCO, SAAB and lastly, TenCate.

DTA Conference and Exhibition 2015 ended at 5.50pm on 12 February 2015. Over the two days, a total of 249 delegates attended the events. The delegates were from the Singapore Armed Forces, Republic of Singapore Air Force, Republic of Singapore Navy, Defence Science & Technology Agency, DSO National Laboratories, Future Systems and Technology Directorate, Ministry of Defence Singapore, the ST group of companies and organization of delegates from France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and other parts of the world.

A total of 37 papers were presented was conducted during DTA 2015.

A total of 21 international and regional Naval Domain and Defence companies participated in DTA 2015: Airbus Defence & Space, Arianespace Service & Solutions, Civitanavi Systems, DNV.GL, ECA Group, Elettronica S.p.A., Finmeccanica, GELCO, Jurong SML Pte Ltd, Lürssen, MBDA, MTU, RINA Services, SAAB, ST Aerospace, ST Electronics(Large-Scale Group), ST Electronics(Info-Software System), ST Engineering(Training & Simulation), TenCate, THALES and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems.

Mr Raffaele Liberati, VADM Valter Girardelli,
RADM Jackson Chia, Mr Beh Bak Hai

BG Pasquale Montegiglio,
COL (NS) Chen Yeang Tat, Mr Alessandro Franzoni,
Mr Thomas Vergis, VADM Valter Girardelli,
Mr Chang Yang Fa
Mr Pang Chun Khiang, Mr Raffaele Liberati,
GEN Michel Petre, CAPT (N) Anders Järn.
Dr Claudio Ceccarini and Mr Anders Dahl
Senior Italian Naval Delegation
& Elettronica delegates
Mr Andrea Pizzarulli, Mr Giancarlo Baldanzi,
Mr Alessandro Franzoni, Mr Bruno Bertella ,
VADM Valter Girardelli, Mr Thomas Vergis,
Mr Mathew Abraham, BG Pasquale Montegiglio,
Mr Raffaele Liberati, Capt (N) Maurizio Bonora
Delegates from Finmeccanica and DSTA
DTA 2015 delegates from Navy and Singapore Technologies
Mr Lionel Mun Kok Leong and Mr Bruno Bertella
Dr Claudio Ceccarini, Mr Yann Mengin,
RADM Harris Chan, Capt (N) Giovanni Sorrentino,
Mr Alessandro Franzoni
RADM Jackson Chia and Mr Alessandro Franzoni
Carl Marcus Remen with delegate
DTA 2015 Registration
Mr Chan Hua Tek and Mr Johan Pelissier
Session Chair - Mr Johan Pelissier
Session Chair - Mr Eddie Tan Fung Pong
Session Chair - Mr Ola Gullberg
Session Chair - Dr Claudio Ceccarini
Session Chair - Mr Lim Soon Tein
Mrs Gaia Mancini - GELCO
Mr Roberto Senatore, Civitanavi Systems
Mr Jacob Abelsen - TenCate
Tea break cum networking session
Mr Sascha Hapke, Dr Jens Federhen,
Mr Thomas Vergis, Mr Johan Pelissier
Delegate interaction
VADM Girardelli & Italian Delegation
DTA 2015 Conference
MTU Booth
Finmeccanica Booth
Elettronica Booth
Civitanavi Systems Booth
SAAB Booth
ECA Group Booth

Mr Denis Guyot, GEN Michel Petre and Delegates
Delegate interaction

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