Keynote Address
RADM Jonas Haggren

Keynote Address
Dr John R Potter

Keynote Address
CAPT Matthew Garside

Mr Chang Yang Fa,Mr John Neilson, Mr Thomas Vergis.

Mr Sergio Simmone


DTC Defence Events 2012
Opening Ceremony

22nd to 24th May 2012
Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore

Defence Technology Asia ( DTA ) 2012 is the 10th Edition of this highly successful Naval Domain Event. In DTA 2012, DTC Conferences not only brought into focus the key traditional elements of the Naval Domain in Asia – Submarine And Anti Submarine Warfare, Unmanned Systems and Naval Surface Ships but also explored Naval Logistics , Maritime Security and Air Domain (Helos & UMH). During DTA 2012 , technology workshops were conducted by Thales , SAAB , Thyssenkrupp/Kockums and CurtissWright Indal .DTA 2012 had a Technology Showcase which featured prominently during 22nd and 23rd May 2012.

DTA 2012 started with a DTA Luncheon hosted by DTC Conferences at the Four Seasons Hotel Ballroom ( the venue of the event ). The Lunch allowed the participants to get an early glimpse into the Technology Showcase and set the networking tone for the rest of DTA 2012.

The Grand Opening Ceremony started at 2 pm of 22nd May 2012 with three Keynote Addresses. The First Keynote was by RADM Jonas Haggren – Head of Naval Department , Swedish Armed Forces headquarters. His highly anticipated paper on Background and Requirements – Next Generation Submarine was well received by the delegates attending the Opening Ceremony.

The next interesting Keynote was provided by Dr John R Potter – Principal Scientist Nato Undersea research Center on the topic of New Communications Technologies Empower Distributed Assets Underwater .

The Final Keynote was by CAPT Matthew Garside – Chief of Staff, Logistics Group Western Pacific , ComLogWestPac , US Navy. During his keynote entitled US Navy Fleet Freight Routing – Building the Perfect Plan and Combat Logistics Force ( CLF ) Load management , he gave the delegates an insight into how Logistics Support requirements are maintained by the US Navy for its Fleet .

After a brief Tea Reception, the Defence Senior Executive Roundtable was conducted with RADM Jonas Haggren as Dialogue Chair and Dr John R Potter , CAPT Matthew Garside , Mr Raffaele Liberati – Far East Director , Business Development , Elettronica S.p.A and Dr Francois Luc – Vice President , R&D , Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd. The topic for the Roundtable was Overcoming Challenges Faced by Defence Forces – The Role of Technology.

Based on the comments from the delegates attending the Roundtable, the discussion proved to be a of great value and provided a proper backdrop to the DTA 2012 proper which took place from the 23rd May 2012 to the 24th May 2012.

The VIP Cocktail for DTA 2012 was held at the Lantern @ Fullerton Bay Hotel from 7 pm to 9 pm. The event was attended by 150 invited international and local dignitaries. The attendees enjoyed this wonderful atmosphere right in the heart of Singapore’s Business District and took the opportunity to enjoy the networking opportunity that the VIP Cocktail provided

Defence Technology Asia (DTA) 2012
23rd to 24th May 2012
Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore

DTA 2012 designed under the theme "Technology - The Force Differentiator" aimed at bringing leading Defence Organisations and their domain experts in face to face interactions with regional navies and their decision makers to discuss naval technology innovations and facilitate better understanding of the needs of the Navies in the region.

23rd May 2012 was a very busy Day for the Delegates attending the event. Following registration at 8 am , DTA 2012 proper started at 9 am with three tracks running simultaneously. Four Seasons Ballroom A was the venue for Naval Surface Ships – Platform Design led by ME6 Keith Lim Kay Leong , Head total System Group , Naval Logistics Dept , RSN. Five papers were presented in this Track by domain experts  from Italian Navy and Orizzonte Sistemi Navali , Goal Art , INSEAN ( Italy ) , DNV and Thales.

At the same time, in Crescent Ballroom A , Unmanned System Session was Chaired by Mr Ola Gullberg – Vice president sales ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems ( Singapore ) Pte Ltd. This session  saw  presentations from Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd , CurtissWright Indal , ECA , RST Radar and Cassidian.

The Third Track at 9 am started at Crescent Ballroom B with Mr Lional Mun Kok Leong , Deputy Head , NUWC RSN in the area of Submarine and ASW. Presentations were made by Kockums , WASS and DCNS.

The delegates then had a short Tea Break cum Networking Session . The Tracks carried on at 1100 hrs with another sessions held in the three locations.

In Four Seasons Ballroom A , Naval Surface Ships – Propulsions and Power Management Track was Chaired by Mr Kwah Peng San , Head Electrical Systems Branch , Naval Logistics Dept , RSN which saw presentations by Singapore University of Technology and Design ( SUTD ) , MTU , WASS and SAFT.

In Four Seasons Crescent Ballroom A , the Naval Logistics Track – Engineering Maintenance and Maintainability was chaired by ME6 Andy Tay , Head Operations Logistics , RSN . Two presentations were made by Steria Asia and one by the Aiyer Group LLC . There was a discussion held after the three presentations.

Crescent Balloom B was the venue of the Naval Surface Ships Track – Combat Systems and it was chaired by Dr ING Claudio Ceccarini , Head , WASS Singapore Branch. This track saw two presentations by  Elettronica , two by SAAB , and one by EADS Astrium.

After the hectic morning sessions , the MTU Lunch ( hosted by MTU ) was held at the Technology Showcase Venue – Four Seasons Ballroom B. The delegates got a chance to network and relax in the ambiance of the Technology Showcase  where key Naval Domain innovators and innovations were all round them for discussions and analysis.

After the Lunch , there were two tracks that were held simultaneously . Mr Lam Yen Chin , Executive Director , Maritime Institute @NTU was the Chair of the Naval Surface Ships Track – Platform Design. Presentations were made by DNV , MTU , TKMS/Kockums and Orizzonte.

The other track at this time held at Crescent Ballroom B was the Submarine and ASW track Chaired  by Mr Lars Ronnquist , Director – Marketing and Business Developments TKMS /Kockums with papers by MTU , MBDA and SAAB.

Following a brief Networking Tea , the final Track for the long day was held at Four Seasons Ballroom A , Chaired by Mr Ng Tee Guan on Naval Surface Ship – Combat Systems. Presentations were made by WASS , DSO National Laboratories and Germanischer Lloyd.

By 5 pm , the delegates were finished for the day and the Technology Showcase was taken down.

The 2nd Day for DTA 2012 started at 0900 hrs with two simultaneous Tracks .

The Naval Surface Ships Track on Combat Systems was held at Crescent Ballroom A. It was Chaired by SLTC Teng Haw Kiad , Deputy Head , Naval Surface Warfare Centre / Head Electronic Warfare Branch RSN. Two papers  were presented by Elettronica and one each by SAGEM , and NovAtel Inc.

At this time , the Air Domain (Helos & UMH) – Helicopter Design Track was held at Crescent Ballroom B and Chaired by Mr Giulio Volpato from Agusta Westland. Papers for this track were presented by Orizzonte , AgustaWestland and CurtissWright Indal .

Following these tracks , DTA 2012 Technology Dialogue Chaired by Dr Francois Luc was held at the Crescent Ballroom A. The topic for discussion was Understanding Technology Issues Related to Maximising Availability and Minimising Through Life Costs.

The technology experts participanting  in the dialogue were Mr George Loh , Director , Planning and Policy , National Research Foundation, Singapore , Mr Raffaele Liberati ,  Mr Lars Ronnquist and Dr ING Claudio Ceccarini.

Following this Dialogue was Lunch served at the Foyer of Crescent Ballroom.

Lunch was followed by the final Session for DTA 2012 with Maritime Security as the Key Focus. This Track saw papers from RST , Arianespace , ThalesAleniaSpace , Selex Galileo and Cassidian.

The highly successful DTA 2012 concluded after the final session at 4 15pm after a final Tea Break.

In all over the two and a half days , a total of  350  delegates attended the events from the Republic of Singapore Navy; Defence Science & Technology Agency; DSO National Laboratories; Defence Research & Technology Office; Ministry of Defence, Singapore; France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Sweden , Denmark , Canada ,  United States and other parts of the world.

DTA 2012 saw key International delegations from Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency ( FXM ) and from the Italian Navy. .

A total of 51 papers were presented and two major Dialogues Sessions were conducted during DTA 2012.

A total of 28 international and regional Naval Domain and Defence companies participated in DTA 2012.  Agusta Westland , Arianespace ,  Cassidian , CurtissWright Indal Technologies , DCNS , DNV ,  ECA, Elettronica SpA, , Germanischer Lloyd AG, JSML , MBDA, MTU Asia, Orizzonte Sistemi Navali S.p.A , RST , SAAB ( Underwater and Radar )  , SAFT , Sagem Defence Securite ,  Sea & Land Technologies Pte Ltd (SALT), Selex Galileo , Steria , Thales Singapore Pte Ltd,Thales Alenia Space , Transas ,  ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems International/Kockums AB (TKMS) and Whitehead  Sistemi Subacquei S.P.A. (WASS).

The Media partners for the event were Naval Forces and Aerospace Sinagpore.

DTA 2012 was supported by Association of Aerospace Industries ( Singapore ) , Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency and INSEAN.


Defence Senior Executive Roundtable
Dr Francois Luc, CAPT Matthew Garside, RADM Jonas Haggren, Dr John R Potter, Mr Raffaele Liberati

CAPT Matthew Garside, Mr Raffaele Liberati,
Mr Hor Gar Yin,Mr Thomas Vergis

Raffaele Liberati, CAPT Matthew Garside,RADM Jonas Haggren

CAPT Matthew Garside

Mr Andy Tay

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