Raffaele Liberati, Bruno Bertella, VADM Marsetio M.M., Thomas Vergis, Chinniah Manohara, RADM Onofrio Flagiello, RADM Jackson Chia,

COL Low Yong Joo, Pang Chung Khiang, Brigadier (Retd) Vincent H Williams, Stefan Dzigas, Jan-Olof Johansson, ME7 Sng Yeow Liang.


Keynote Address
RADM Onofrio Flagiello

Keynote Address
Brigadier (Retd) Vincent H Williams

Keynote Address
Richard Bowles

VADM Marsetio, RADM Onofrio Flagiello,
Thomas Vergis, RADM Jackson Chia

Richard Bowles, COL(R)Ratan Srivatsava
RADM Onofrio Flagiello,Richard Bowles

VADM Marsetio, RADM Jackson Chia

VADM Marsetio, Mathew Abraham,
Jan-Olof Johansson

Paolo Galletti, VADM Marsetio

DTA 2011 Keynote Address ADM Viktor Maksymov

DTA 2011 Keynote Address VADM (Ret) Xavier Rolin
Naval Technlogy Dialogue - The Force Differentiator
ADM Viktor Maksymov, His Excellency Mr Pavlo Sultansky

Lionel Mun,Ng Tee Guan, Chan Hua Teck

RADM Onofrio Flagiell,
Hor Gan Yin, Raffaele Leberatti, Thomas Vergis


DTC Defence Events 2011
Opening Ceremony

22nd to 24th Feb 2011
Marina Mandarin, Singapore

DTC Defence Events 2011 provided a backdrop where DTC Conferences conducted three events simultaneously at different halls in Marina Mandarin in Singapore.  The Conferences were Defence Technology Asia (DTA) 2011, Defence Logistics 2011 and Satellite Technology Asia (SATTECH) 2011.  Delegates were allowed to attend any of the sessions as per their specific interest.  In the backdrop of DTC Defence Events 2011, private (by invitation only) workshops were conducted to cater for the specific needs of key participating organisatons and their specific clients.  In all, two workshops were conducted, one in Satellite Domain and the other in the Naval Surface Ships domain.  Another key aspect of DTC Defence Events 2011 was a Technology Showcase that was aimed to give the visiting delegates a deeper insight and a means of interacting better with the participating organisations.

The events started at 2pm in the afternoon of 22nd Feb 2011 with a Grand Opening Ceremony held at the Taurus Ballroom of Mandarin Hotel, Singapore.  The 1st Keynote Address for the Opening Ceremony was delivered by Rear Admiral Onofrio Flagiello, Chief of Research & Technology Dept, Directorate of Armaments, Italian Ministry of Defence.  This was followed by the 2nd Keynote Address for the Grand Opening given by Brigadier (Retd) Vincent H Williams, Academic Consultant, The Centre of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism (PICT), Macquarie University, Australia. The 3rd Keynote Address for the Grand Opening was by Mr Richard Bowles, Director, Singapore Asean Office, Arianespace.

At 3pm, led by the key international delegations and key personnel from the Defence Organisations in Singapore, the Technology Showcase was unveiled for all the invited guests to the Grand Opening.  Following a brief Tea Reception, the International Technology Dialogue started with Brigadier (Retd) Vincent H Williams chairing the session and invited guests on the panel were RADM Onofrio Flagiello, Mr Richard Bowles and COL(R) Ratan Shrivastava, Director for Aerospace & Defence in Asia Pacific, Frost & Sullivan.  The Grand Opening Ceremony ended after a lively and interactive dialogue between the panellists and the participants.


Defence Technology Asia (DTA) 2011
23rd to 24th Feb 2011
Marina Mandarin, Singapore

DTA 2011 designed under the theme "Technology - The Force Differentiator" aimed to bring leading Defence Organisations and their domain experts in face to face interactions with regional navies and their decision makers to discuss naval technology innovations and facilitate better understanding of the needs of the Navies in the region.

DTA 2011 was attended by Admiral Viktor Maksymov, Commander-in-Chief of Naval Forces, Ukrainian Navy, Ukraine; VADM Marsetio M.M, Deputy Chief of Naval Staff, Indonesian Navy, Indonesia; RADM Onofrio Flagiello, Chief of Research & Technology Dept, Italian Ministry of Defence and VADM (Ret) Xavier Rolin, Ex-Commander Atlantic Maritime Region, French Navy.

After the morning welcome coffee and brief introductions, DTA 2011 started with a keynote address by Admiral Viktor Maksymov, Commander-in-Chief of the Naval Forces of Ukrainian Navy who gave the delegates an interesting insight into the Naval Forces of Ukraine.  The second keynote of the morning was given by Admiral Xavier Rolin who talked about taking Naval Projects from Strategic Vision to Technology Trends.  This was followed by a DTA Networking Break 1 which lasted for about 15 minutes.  Following the break, DTA 2011 resumed with Dialogue 1 about Maritime Security, a clear and present threat in the South East Asian Region.  This interesting Dialogue was chaired by COL(R) Ratan Shrivastava with Admiral Viktor Maksymov, Admiral Xavier Rolin and RADM Onofrio Flagiello participating in the dialogue.

Following a networking Lunch, DTA 2011 resumed with the first session on Anti-Submarine Warfare.  This session was chaired by Mr Lim Soon Tein, Vice President (Operations), Systems & Engineering Group, ST Electronics (Info- Software Systems) Pte Ltd.  The presentations during this session were done by Eurotorp, SAAB Underwater Systems AB and Whitehead Alenia Sistemi Subacquei SPA.

Following the Tea-break, the late afternoon session on Naval Systems was led by Session Chair, Dr ING Claudio Ceccarini, Regional Delegate – WASS & Eurotorp. The presentations during this session were from Elettronica SPA, INSEAN, MBDA, Thales and Reson. The very hectic first day of DTA 2011 ended at 5.15 pm.

Day one ended with a very successful VIP Cocktail Reception sponsored by Eurotorp for 120 invited delegates at the Mint Museum of Toys.  Housed in a contemporary five-storey building along Seah Street, The Mint Museum of Toys boasts a rich mix of nostalgia, education and inspiration and has something for everyone.  Our guests spent the evening in a social setting catching up with old friends and meeting new members of the international Naval Technology community besides getting an exclusive tour of the toy museum to enjoy a world-class display of vintage toys and childhood memorabilia from 25 countries throughout the evening.

On the 24th of February, DTA 2011 started after Registration and Coffee with a Featured Address by Dr Mario Felli, INSEAN – Italian National Ship Model Basin.  Due to an overrun in time because of questions and answers, the DTA Exclusive Paper by Frost & Sullivan was pushed to the afternoon.

After a short networking break, the much anticipated DTA 2011 Dialogue 2 – Naval Technology – The Force Differentiator started.   The Chairman of this dialogue was Mr Lam Yen Chin, Deputy Vice President, Area ASEAN/South Asia, Germanischer Lloyd SE.  The industrial participants for the dialogue were Dr Mario Felli, INSEAN – Italian National Ship Model Basin, Dr Henry Robinson, Technical Director, H Scientific Limited, Dr Ing Claudio Ceccarini, Regional Delegate – WASS & Eurotorp and Mr Jos de Kraker, Thales Nederland B.V.  After the dialogue, there was a lively question and answer session. The Dialogue session was followed by DTA 2011 Lunch Reception.

In the afternoon, the Conference broke up into two tracks.  The Naval Platforms Track at the Taurus Ballroom was chaired by Dr Lars Gruenitz, Senior Manager Naval Services, Region Asia/Pacific, Germanischer Lloyd SE.  The papers presented at this track were by BMT Design & Technology, Melbourne Australia, Germanischer Lloyd SE, Thales Nederland B.V, and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems International/Kockums AB.

The Parallel track at Capricorn Ballroom was on Unmanned Vehicles Systems and it was chaired by Mr Ng Tee Guan, Business Development Director, Defence Business Unit, ST Electronics (Large-Scale Systems Group), Singapore.  The papers presented were from Elettronica S.p.A, H Scientific Limited, Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore - Acoustic Research Laboratory.

Following the final Networking Break for DTA 2011, the late afternoon session started at Taurus on Submarine Technology.  It was chaired by Mr Lars Ronnquist, Director – Marketing & Business Development, Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems International/ Kockums AB.  The papers presented were by BMT Design & Technology, Melbourne Australia, Elettronica S.p.A, SAAB Underwater Systems AB and Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd.

The parallel track at the Capricorn on Unmanned Vehicles and Naval Platforms was chaired by Dr ING Claudio Ceccarini, Regional Delegate – WASS and Eurotorp.  The papers presented were by Germanischer Lloyd SE and Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore, SAAB Underwater Systems AB and ThussenKrupp Marine Systems International/Kockums AB.

In all over the two days, a total of  450  delegates attended the events from the Republic of Singapore Navy; Defence Science & Technology Agency; DSO National Laboratories; Defence Research & Technology Office; Ministry of Defence, Singapore; France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Ukraine, United States and other parts of the world.

The event was graced by the presence of the French Ambassador to Singapore, His Excellency, Mr Olivier Caron and the Ukraine Ambassador to Singapore, His Excellency, Mr Pavlo Sultansky.

The Commander-in-Chief of Naval Forces of Ukrainian Navy, Admiral Viktor Maksymov and VADM Marseteo M.M, Deputy Chief of Naval Staff of Indonesian Navy attended the event with their delegations.  The Chief of Research & Technology Dept, Directorate of Armaments, Italian Ministry of Defence, RADM Onofrio Flagiello was also at DTA 2011.

A total of 30 papers were presented and two major Dialogues Sessions were conducted during DTA 2011.

The participating companies at DTA 2011 were DCNS Far East Pte Ltd, ECA, Elettronica SpA, Eurotorp, Germanischer Lloyd AG, MBDA, MTU Asia, SAAB Under Water Systems AB, Sea & Land Technologies Pte Ltd (SALT), Thales Singapore Pte Ltd, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems International/Kockums AB (TKMS) and Whitehead Alenia Sistemi Subacquei S.P.A. (WASS).

The very successful DTA 2011 ended at 1715 hrs on 24th February 2011.


Jan-Olaf Johansson,
COL Low Yong Joo, Mats Agneus, Julie Chew
Raffaele Liberati, RADM Onofrio Flagiello, RADM Jackson
Chia, VADM Marsatio MM, Commodore Tri Santosa

International Technology Dialogue
Maritime Security-Maritime Patrol Technology Air & Sea
Brigadier(Retd)Vicent Williams, RADM Onofrio Flagiello

Thomas Vergis, Mariam Thomas, Laurent Mayer
ME7Sng Yeow Liang, RADM Jackson Chia, Beh Bak Hai

John Olof Johansson,
ME7 Sng Yeow Liang, Raffaele Liberati

VADM Marsetio, RADM Onofrio Flagiello,
Thomas Vergis, RADM Jackson Chia

Cinnaiah Manohara, COL Low Yong Joo,
Stefan Dzigas, Pang Chung Kiang, Bruno Bertella

Lam Yen Chin, Harjit Singh,
COL(NS)Kwan Wan Hor, Ola Gullberg

ME7 Sng Yeow Liang, RADM Jackson Chia, Beh Bak Hai

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