Guest of Honour Richard Lim delivering the welcome address

Commodore Hardiwan,
COL Chen Yeang Tat with
VADM Dino Nascetti

Dr Francois Regis Martin-Lauzer

RADM Lars Salomonsson

Jean-Philippe Blot (2nd from left) with Capt Kazuyuki Odora, and Colonel Yuri Zolotarev and Konstantin Topilskiy

Thomas Vergis with
Commodore Hardiwan and
Colonel Donald George Freeman

Dr Francois Regis Martin-Lauzer, Jean-Jacques Periou, with
Thomas Vergis and
LTC Florent Bernardin

LTC Ong Eng Hua and
LTC Tan Cheng Hai with
Cpt(L) Khairil bin Haji Abdul Rahman and
Maj(L) Haji Mohamad Sarif Pudin

LTC(NS) Beh Bak Hai (centre) with Cpt(L) Khairil bin Haji Abdul Rahman (left) and
Maj(L) Haji Mohamad Sarif Pudin (right)

Frederic Dabe, Tommy Tham,
ICA Thierrry Rolland, Foo Kim Peng

Thomas Vergis, Patrick Valentini, General (Ret) Bernard Norlain and Dr Francois Regis Martin-Lauzer

Top left - Guest of Honour Richard Lim with Colonel Donald George Freeman, Top right - Richard Lim and Thomas Vergis with Gerard Maitrepierre at the Eurocopter Exhibition Booth. Bottom left - Richard Lim, Thomas Vergis with LTCDR (Res.) Lorenz Petersen, Lam Yen Chin and Justus Dennin
at the Germanischer Lloyd Exhibition Booth, Bottom right - Samuel Mathews with CAPT (IN) Ashok Kumar Gopal and P.C. Bhandari (far right), and Dr Vijay Sakhuja



DTA 2007 - Summary of Conference & Exhibition
Date: 21st,22nd March 2007
Venue: Shangri La Hotel, Singapore

Defence Technology Asia 2007 International Conferences and Exhibition (DTA 2007), the fifth in the series organized by Defence Technology Conferences, was held on 21st - 22nd March 2007 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. Defence Directory Conferences also organized Homeland & Maritime Security Asia (HMSA) 2007 on 21st March 2007, at the same venue.

These unique events enabled key regional decision makers and experts from government, military, defence industries and academia to be updated on the latest technological developments and systems which are suitable for a wide range of operations in the region.

The Guest-of-Honour for DTA 2007, Mr Richard Lim, Chief Executive, Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) Singapore, launched DTA 2007 with the opening keynote address.

In this address, Mr Lim noted that in the current strategic situation of post 9/11, defence forces have to be capable to operate in a conventional 'total war' scenario, as well as in the wide spectrum of 'military operations other than war' (MOOTW).

He emphasized that the traditional defence force structures, operational art, training, and defence technology have to be refined and developed to counter the challenges of conventional and asymmetrical threats in the full spectrum of operations likely to be encountered.

Other government and military officials who delivered keynote speeches at DTA 2007 were:

VADM Dino Nascetti, Director General, Italian Naval Armament Authority (NAVARM), Italian Navy;

RADM Lars Salomonsson, Director of Naval Systems, Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV), Sweden;

Dr Francois Regis Martin-Lauzer, Director, NATO Undersea Research Centre, NATO; and

Dr Frank Herr, Head Ocean Battlespace Sensing Department, Office of Naval Research, US Navy.

The keynote speakers mainly discussed the operational and technological developments in their respective countries. Their speeches were based on their strategic and operational situations and threats, with a focus on countering asymmetrical threats in littoral waters. This had relevance for regional forces, which are also concerned with asymmetrical threats in the littoral waters of South China Sea, and the Malacca and Singapore Straits.

The operational and technological aspects were presented in greater detail at the three conferences which were held concurrently during DTA 2007. The three conferences were: Submarine & ASW Asia 2007; Naval Surface Ships Asia 2007; and Unmanned Vehicles & Systems Asia 2007.

These conferences were complemented by an exhibition, which enabled the participating defence companies to showcase their latest technological developments. The Guest-of-Honour, Mr Richard Lim and other VIPs, visited all the booths at the exhibition after the opening ceremony.

There was a steady stream of visitors to the exhibition, which was open throughout DTA 2007. Visitors also included participants from HMSA2007. The exhibition provided exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to discuss the latest technology and facilitated networking.

Detailed discussions between defence companies and potential customers on the developments in technology and its ability to meet end-user requirements were also arranged on the sidelines of DTA 2007.

A very successful reception, for guests and participants from DTA 2007 and HMSA 2007, was organized on the evening of 21st March 2007. This social event, held in the lush tropical setting of the Waterfall Terrace at the Shangri-La Hotel, facilitated interaction and networking between guests and participants.

Feedback from participants at DTA 2007 indicated that this event has impressed them with its ability to build on its tradition of providing an excellent forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest defence technology which is relevant to the Asian region. DTA 2007 has also impressed suppliers and end-users with its numerous networking opportunities.

Given the success of DTA 2007, Defence Technology Conferences is confident of continuing its tradition of providing another excellent and unique forum of conferences and exhibition in Defence Technology Asia 2008.



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Guest of Honour Richard Lim (centre) with VADM Dino Nascetti, Dr Francois Regis Martin-Lauzer, Thomas Vergis, CEO of Naval Exchange and RADM Lars Salomonsson

HIS EXCELLENCY Chalermpol Thacnhitt, Ambassador from the Royal Thai Embassy with Thomas Vergis, Guest of Honour Richard Lim and
Chang Yang Fa

VADM Dino Nascetti

Tommy Tham (far right) with the Vietnam People's Navy delegation, Rear Admiral Pham Ngoc Minh and Colonel Nguyen Ngoc Vinh

Front Row, from left - Cinzia Toccafondi with Guest of Honour Richard Lim. Back Row, from left - Thomas Vergis, Alessandro Voli and Marco Galletto, at the Galileo Avionica Exhibition booth

Guest of Honour Richard Lim with Colonel Donald George Freeman

From left - Olivier Conrozier,
Foo Kim Peng, Patrick Oszczeda and Lars Rönnquist

LTC Harjit Singh and COL Joe Cheong, RADM (NS) Larry Loon with Thomas Vergis and
COL(RET) Gary Lee

Guest of Honour Richard Lim and Thomas Vergis with Arnaud Ayral at the Rolls Royce Exhibition booth

VIP tour of the Exhibition - In front, from left - Guest of Honour Richard Lim with VADM Dino Nascetti and Pietro Bruno. Behind, from left - Cinzia Toccafondi, Luca V Montini and Ing. Claudio Buccini, and Commander Giuseppe De Cuia

From left - Chang Yang Fa, Tommy Tham, John S. Greenhalgh, Samuel Mathews and Gary Seah

Top left - Chinniah Manohara and CMDR Lee Sangdae, Top right - Thomas Vergis and Richard Lim with Jean Boudon, Bernard Roux and Lionel Denais. Bottom left - Samuel Mathews with Group Captain Tim Brewer and COL Zulkifli Bin Mansor, Bottom right - Coffe break