Defence Logistics 2011
23rd to 24th Feb 2011
Marina Mandarin, Singapore

Defence Logistics 2011 was organized by DTC Conferences as part of DTC Conferences Defence Events from 23rd to 24th February 2011 at Marina Mandarin, Singapore. The Grand Opening for DTC Conferences Defence Events was held on 22nd Feb 2011 at the Taurus Ballroom in Marina Mandarin. The Keynote Speaker for this event was Brigadier (Retd) Vincent H Williams, Academic Consultant from The Centre of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism (PICT), Macquarie University, Australia.

Defence Logistics 2011 International Conference and Technology Showcase started on 23rd February 2011 at 8 am with Welcome Coffee for registered delegates. The event was attended by participants from Singapore’s Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Home Affairs who were represented by key Logistics Departments and Strategists from the various Services/units, as well as decision makers and logistics strategists from Singapore Technologies. Regional participants came from Indonesia, Malaysia while there were international participants from Australia and other parts of the world. DTC Conferences allowed delegates for the other DTC Conferences Defence events to attend the conference as per their interest and the hall with a capacity of 150 was full.

The Opening Address for the Defence Logistics 2011 was by Brigadier (Retd) Vincent H Williams who spoke to the captive audience about his experiences and the role of Logistics during his deployment at East Timor. The second Keynote address was delivered by Mr Stefan Dzigas, Senior Vice President Customer Support from Krauss-Maffei Wegmann Gmbh & Co (KMW). He talked about Reliable Weapon System Logistics for Deployment and Training. This was followed by a Featured Address by Mr Angus MacGregor-Millar, Vice President, Global Head of Defence Industry Business Unit from SAP AG who shared about Strategy and Trends in Defence Logistics Transformation. Defence Logistics Networking Break that came next in the program provided the delegates a good opportunity to get some refreshments and interact with the speakers and other delegates.

After the break, the first Dialogue Session for Defence Logistics 2011 was conducted with Mr Sim Cheng Hwee, Managing Director, Integrated Decision Systems Consultancy (IDSC) Pte Ltd as the Dialogue Chair. The Panelists were Mr Stefan Dzigas, Mr Angus MacGregor-Millar and Mr Thangarajoo Ramesh from The Logistics Institute – Asia Pacific (TLI-AP), National University of Singapore. The very engrossing discussion on Strategic Defence Logistics Objectives for Modern Armies was followed by a Question and Answer session with the delegates.

A lunch reception was hosted for the delegates immediately after the Dialogue and they were able to interact with all the participants attending the DTC Conferences Defence Events and have private discussion with the speakers. The delegates were also able to gather more information from Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH, SAP, SAS and IDSC who were the key companies who showcased their technologies at the Technology Showcase for Defence Logistics 2011.

The Lunch was followed by the first Technical Track of Defence Logistics 2011 ~ Logistics in Operational Deployment. CAPT (RES) Marcus Holger from SAP Asia presented the first part of his paper on Enhancing Militaries with Defence Solutions. This was followed by a comparison of Military Logistics and Commercial Logistics by Mr Sivakumar from TLI-AP. Mr Sim Cheng Hwee from IDSC presented the next paper on Dynamic Cross Docking for Responsive and Efficient Logistics Support of Battle Fields. The final paper of this track was delivered by Mr Stefan Dzigas from KMW titled “From Factory to Foxhole”.

The Networking Break that followed gave the delegates some time to reflect and discuss the papers that were presented thus far.
The networking break was followed by the 2nd Track of Defence Logistics ~ Logistics Support Tools.

The first paper discussed maximizing System Readiness and Availability with CBM (Condition-based Maintenance) – Data Mining and Predictive Modeling Strategy. This paper was presented by Mr W Allan Manning, Logistics and Supply Chain Analyst, SAS – Defence and Aerospace Programs. Mr Dominic Ng, Director Maritime Software of Germanischer Lloyd SE presented the next paper on Planned Maintenance Systems. CAPT (RES) Marcus Holger Erb of SAP Asia presented the 2nd part of his paper – Enhancing Militaries with Defence Solutions. The final paper of the evening was entitled LEOBEN by Mr Kipl.Ingo Ullrich from Leopard 2 Weapon Systems, KMW GmbH.

The first day of Defence Logistics 2011 ended at 4.40 pm.

DTC hosted a very successful VIP Cocktail Reception at the Mint Museum of Toys for 120 invited delegates of the DTC Conferences Defence Event 2011 on 23rd February evening. Housed in a contemporary five-storey building along Seah Street, The Mint Museum of Toys boasts a rich mix of nostalgia, education and inspiration and has something for everyone. Our guests spent the evening in a social setting catching up with old friends and meeting new members of the international Naval Technology community besides getting an exclusive tour of the toy museum to enjoy a world-class display of vintage toys and childhood memorabilia from 25 countries throughout the evening.

At 8 am on the 24th Feb 2011, the 2nd day of Defence Logistics 2011 started with Registration and Coffee. The opening paper was a Defence Logistics 2011 Exclusive presented by Mr Julius Yeo Chun Siong, Consultant, Aerospace & Defense of Frost & Sullivan who was our Knowledge Partner for this event. His paper was entitled “Overview of the Usage of the Information Systems in the Defense Logistics Segment from the European Perspective”. The next paper was by Dr Aloysius Tay, Chief Executive, Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore). He talked about the challenges and solutions for fulfilling Complex Logistics Objectives in Singapore’s tight Manpower situation. Mr Sim Cheng Hwee from IDSC rounded up the opening of the second day with a featured Address on Planning a Military Supply Chain.

This was followed by a brief Break where the delegates had a chance to interact and discuss their thoughts with the experts at the event.
After the break, the 2nd Dialogue of Defence Logistics 2011 took place with Mr Julius Yeo from Frost & Sullivan chairing the Dialogue on Defence Logistics Strategies. The guest panelists of the Dialogue were AAIS’s Dr Aloysius Tay, Dr Lars Gruenitz from Germanischer Lloyd SE, Mr Christian Goettfert, Managing Director, KMW Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, CAPT (RES) Marcus Holger Erb from SAP Asia and Mr W Allan Manning from SAS. This was followed by an interesting question and answer session.

Defence Logistics 2011 ended with a Post Conference Lunch in the hotel


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